blob-JS for PL/SQL

blob-JS is a small javascript library that is kinda inspired by the Oracle APEX export functionality.

The javascript library reads a binary file on your client (=browser) and merges it into a PL/SQL program, that you can then copy and save as a SQL script ready for running against your Oracle database.

That way you can easily store a binary file as a BLOB column in your Oracle table. You still need to add your own INSERT statement though.

The library is especially handy if you have a restricted environment with nothing more as SQL-plus at your disposal.
Note that the javascript code completely runs on the client, so it will also work when behind a firewall or without having internet access

Just download from GitHub, save locally and you should be ready to roll.

In the below demo, you can drag and drop a local file and it will be translated into a PL/SQL program. Note that in the demo a MD5 check will be included by default.
For this to work you need permission to run dbms_crypto. Uncheck the checkbox on the demo page for removing the MD5 check.

Check out the live demo here


As usual the source code repository can be found on GitHub: Check in GitHub