Xplug for Firefox Developer edition released

Today I released Xplug for the Firefox Developer edition.

Now, you will not find this version on the Firefox Marketplace.
Reason is that from Xplug 1.4 on I’ve decided that I won’t be publishing on that marketplace anymore.

Firefox only allows signed addons to better protect users from malicious and unwanted extension installations. Their review process for getting signed is quite tough, which in itself is a good thing if you want to address a wide audience.

However, considering that Xplug is a plugin for a special developer audience, the overhead is not acceptable to me.  To keep contine publishing I would have to do a technical redesign, that from a functional perspective does not offer any benefits whatsoever.

That being said, there’s no need to despear though. If you are a firefox user you can get the Firefox developer edition and install Xplug as an unsigned addon.

Get the unsigned addon here:  xplug-

Installation steps are easy:

  1. Download and install the Firefox developer edition
  2. Unpack the xplug zip file and save to your local filesystem
  3. Start Firefox developer edition and allow installation of unsigned, local addons by setting the xpinstall.signatures.required property to false.
    about.config –> xpinstall.signatures.required –> false
  4. Install @xplug-1.4.0.x.xpi in your firefox browser


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