Xplug v1.4 released


I’m proud to announce the public release of Xplug 1.4 for Google chrome.


  • Renamed “Powerbox” pane to “Sidekick”
  • Sidekick pane is now resizable + collapse/expand
  • Introduced a “Page Details” tab in Sidekick pane showing page comments and Page history
  • Markdown support for Page Comments (optional)
  • Multi-language support (currently English and German)
  • Report bugs/enhancement requests from within Xplug
  • Preliminary support for APEX 5.1 EA
  • Hide/Disable certain options if 5.1 is detected
  • Adjusted default settings when starting Xplug for the first time.
  • Proper license was missing, now using MIT license for Xplug.


  • Previous/Next page button was not working after creating/copying new page.
  • Tooltip for Xplug injected buttons was missing, is working now.
  • Fixed >15 minor bugs

I also did some refactoring that will allow me to add future stuff more easily.

Hey I’m using Firefox, what about me?

I am currently a little biased if I should release the Xplug 1.4 addon as a Firefox extension in the first place.
The folks over at Mozilla are getting a bit paranoid lately. Their “human” review process is tough and they are forcing me to apply some rules that would require me to do a technical redesign, with no functional benefits whatsoever.

As this is a spare-time project, I’d rather spend my time adding some useful features that actually help the APEX developer. I understand their concerns. The addon is currently available for the whole Firefox community to download, altough the amount of APEX developers is rather small (at least when compared to the FF community).

As a workaround I could provide Xplug 1.4 as an addon you download and install yourself. However, for this to work you need the Firefox Developer edition; local addons are no longer supported in the official Firefox branch.

What do you think? Let me know.

One thought on “Xplug v1.4 released

  1. I’m a Firefox user and I think it’s a good idea to publish Xplug as a local addon. I don’t know about other users, but I’m already using Firefox Developer edition so that wouldn’t be a problem at all. I probably could find some time and help you with it if needed.

    Appreciate the good work 🙂

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