Xplug v1.3.0.1 released

Things got quite crazy in the last few months. I presented at APEX Connect 2016 and took some SAP HANA trainings. Two different worlds, but both very cool.

Anyway, this is just to let you know that I’ve released Xplug v1.3.0.1 for both Google Chrome and Firefox.


Some of the new features are:

  • Harmonized Xplug menu entries
  • Buttons can be shown or hidden, depending on user configuration.
  • Possibility to show [app:page] in window title. can be useful if you have multiple browser tabs open. (This is still an experimental feature).
  • New button to swap panes quickly
  • Introduction of “powerbox” pane. Possibility to show messages/search without having to switch tabs. Keeps you focused on the properties pane.
  • Removed plenty of bugs (and probably introduced some new ones).

Important: Note that as of this version the Xplug behaviour has changed so that it’s less obstrusive. What this means, is that the buttons first have to be enabled in the configuration dialog.

You do this by going to the configuration dialog and setting the corresponding button switches to ‘Yes’ as seen in the screenshot above.

EDIT 07/03/16: There’s currently a small bug upon initial installation of the v1.3.0.1 version. Some of the buttons are shown as ‘Yes’ in the configuration dialog, even though their value is not yet persistent. As a workaround just click on ‘Apply’ in the configuration dialog so that their values are saved. This is already resolved in v1.3.0.2 which will be released in the next few hours/days (validation in google chrome and firefox store pending).

Please report any issues you might find on the Github page:



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