Connect with RDP-client to VirtualBox Oracle Developer Day VM

This is more of a reminder for myself (so that next time I don’t have to go looking again)

On my Windows PC I use VirtualBox for running multiple virtual machines with all my Oracle stuff.

This weekend I downloaded and imported the latest “Database App Development VM” appliance, which at the time of writing contains Oracle + APEX 5.0.3 + ORDS 3.0.3


The thing is that I like to use Windows Remote Desktop Client for connecting to my VM, because it allows me to set the screen resolution as I please.   I’m also always starting all my VMs in headless mode when the Windows host PC boots.

Now, you have to know that it is already possible to connect to the VM out-of-the-box. But in that case you are communicating with the virtual hardware.  It works, but it’s very slow and screen resolution is limited to some low-resolution modes.

Before I could use the windows remote desktop client to directly connect to the linux, I had to  install XRDP  in Oracle Linux 7.x:


The below screenshot shows step 3-e in detail:


One last thing. You can perfectly use RDP on Mac as well. Microsoft released an official RDP client for MAC OS-X available in the app store.


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