Page Designer: Errors/Advisor/Console pane

ok, here’s a little experiment I wanted to try for a while now.

What I didn’t like in Page Designer that much is, that any (error) messages are displayed in a separate tab taking away focus from what you are working on.


Also looking at the messages tab full time didn’t cut it for me. So, using my Xplug plugin I managed to add a new pane to the Page Designer grid view.

While at it, I also added an “Advisor” and a “Console” tab which don’t have any functionality right now.
For the Advisor tab I could really see some potential: A (javascript based) advisor that runs in the background as soon as a page is loaded into Page Designer. While you are working on your page it would kick-in and advise in real-time on security risks, bad design stuff, whatever.

This would not be meant as a replacement of the existing advisor, but more as a supplement. It would guide you while working on your page.

What would be really cool, is if there would be some kind of API or rule-set that can be user configured.
ok, getting carried away now. That probably ain’t gonna happen but you never know.

On a sidenote, I really think that there should be an official plugin API for Page Designer anyway.

Don’t know how my experiment is going to further evolve. I don’t have plans to release this in Xplug as it stands right now.

I’m also considering an Xplug APEX application that runs as a sidekick for the Xplug browser add-on. That certainly would offer some cool possibilities. However at this time I don’t yet know what that would mean security wise. So would need to look into that first.

For now, here’s a quick video. Would be interesting to hear how the APEX community sees this.


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