Grid layout too wide in Page Designer 5.0 ?

I’ve been playing with the grid layout in APEX 5.0 Page Designer.

One thing I personally don’t like that much, is that the regions get “stretched” to full-width of the grid pane. This kinda makes it visually hard to get a good overview.

Look at the below image for an example:


I checked if I could make the regions not stretch to full width and stick a background image to the grid pane.

I like the result so far. It kinda makes the grid pane stand out. The below is not a mockup. Just a few lines of javascript code.


Planning on adding this functionality to the next Xplug version and make it configurable. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Grid layout too wide in Page Designer 5.0 ?

    1. Hi John,

      thanks for the feedback. Well yes, you can always do that. The thing is, when leaving some horizontal space between the regions on the grid and the grid boundary (right splitter), you get a better overview.
      But surely yes, that space could also be used for something more useful. Perhaps like showing the messages area on screen the whole time.
      Now you always have to switch between the grid and the messages tab, taking away focus. Then again, I think these kind of thing are always a subjective experience.

      For something completely different; I read on your blog that your first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. So was mine, still have it today. That thing is built like a tank.
      Did some TMS9900 assembly programming a few years ago (with 256 bytes of RAM), go figure 😉

      For nostalgia kicks you might want to check out Atariage (my handle there is ‘retroclouds’). Still a lot of good retro homebrew programming going on:


  1. I do much of my APEXing in portrait, so not really an issue, even then I don’t often maximise windows.
    Why do you think it’s not a good visual overview if streched?

    1. Hi Scott,

      yes, I guess it’s a matter of opinion. I’ll see how this ‘feature’ gets accepted and perhaps remove it alltogether or keep it optional in a future release (depending on feedback).


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