Turn off tooltips in APEX 5.0 Page Designer

Even though I like the idea of getting some additional details by hovering over an element in APEX 5.0 Page Designer; if you are working on the same page for a longer time and going back and forth between the tree and properties editor, a tooltip can be distracting.

It may overlay part of the content you wanted to look at in the first place.


So wouldn’t it be cool if you just could turn tooltips off? Well luckily you can. First of all you have to know that tooltips in APEX 5 Page Designer are built on top of the jquery UI tooltip widget.

At first I looked in the APEX installation directory and found a small javascript API file: /images/libraries/apex/tooltipManager.js
If you look at that file -or at the apex.tooltipManager object in your browsers javascript console- you’ll notice two method invokations that sound interesting:


I did some tests only to find out that disableTooltips() only gets you there halfway. It does turn off tooltips in the left-hand side tree, but not in the grid layout.

Also, if another page is loaded (as JSON) into the page designer model, you’d have to call the method again. A possible way for handling this, is to add an event handler on the “custom” modelReady event generated by Page Designer.

The below could do the trick:

On a sidenote, I’d really like to see a blog post by the APEX team on the Page Designer model/view/controller. A marvelous piece of work that makes Page Designer stand out as an advanced APEX application.

Now, back to the topic of turning off tooltips. How to proceed? Well I seem to manage by going back to plan B, digging into the main controller for the Page Designer (instanciated
as javascript object window.PageDesigner).

Looking at /images/apex_ui/js/f4000_p4500.js and the tooltipContentForComponent function in particular, I found something of interest.

Basically that function returns the HTML content that the tooltip will display when hovering over an element. Now, overloading this function should do the trick:

In this blog post I showed how it’s possible to turn off tooltips in APEX 5.0 Page Designer.

Ofcourse it would be great if in a future APEX release, tooltips could be turned off in Page Designer out-of-the box.

For now I’m planning to add this feature to Xplug.


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