Monthly Archives: December 2015

Extending APEX 5.0 Page Designer with custom style

One of the things I wanted to do for the Xplug browser plugin, is to check if I can somehow change the Page Designer colors and come up with a custom look-and-feel (style) and
perhaps add some more contrast along the way. In particular I was excited to do a “darker” style. Something you would use at night while you are working on your next fantastic APEX application.

Note that I’m not calling it a theme, because then it could be confused with an APEX theme which definitely is not the case here.
I do am planning on adding a configuration dialog, so you can change colors yourself. Would be cool if these could then be exported as JSON and put online in a gallery.

Anyway, what I find kinda cool is that there’s a button that let you switch between “daylight” and “moonlight” mode.
The daylight/moonlight feature will definitely be part of the next Xplug release (along with some other goodies).

Before that happens I have to refactor the code and work on the “moonlight” mode some more. Adjust colors work on the tabs style, etc.
I definitely need a javascript build system. I haven’t used one before, but I’m currently looking at Grunt and Gulp. So will see how that goes.

If you want to take a peek. Here’s a quick Youtube video I did that shows some of the features. Have to apologize for the bad quality. Will need to find a good screen recorder.