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Michael Hichwa on APEX Vision, past, present and future.

I normally don’t include Youtube videos on my blog. However the below presentation by Mike Hichwa about the Vision, past, present and future of APEX is so imporant, that I just had to include it.

It was recorded at APEX Connect 2016 in Berlin, a great event. If you have the chance to visit APEX Connect, go for it. Lots of APEX experts and a great opportunity  to meet up with the good folks that make the APEX community.



Why I think APEX should support OData (“SQL for the web”)

In today’s blog post I’ll explain what OData is about and go into details on my reasoning why Oracle in general and APEX in particular should support the OData standard.


NOTE: This is a blog post I prepared before I went to APEX Connect 2016 in Berlin. But I didn’t manage to verify and post in time. I’ve now slightly edited and added some details I learned about while being at APEX Connect.

OData is a new standardized protocol based on REST. It’s platform independent and uses HTTP, REST, JSON, XML. It basically allows you to do all operations you’d normally do in SQL in a transparent way.

So, if you want the short version why I think Oracle should support OData: Because Microsoft and SAP do and because it’s an open standard here to stay.

Microsoft Office 365,  Sharepoint, SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP Netweaver and SAP HANA are a few of the products that either support OData natively or via a plugin.

Imagine defining an APEX Interactive Grid against a SAP HANA table without having to write any PL/SQL code or needing to write separate web-services for each of the operations / tables you work with.

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Connect with RDP-client to VirtualBox Oracle Developer Day VM

This is more of a reminder for myself (so that next time I don’t have to go looking again)

On my Windows PC I use VirtualBox for running multiple virtual machines with all my Oracle stuff.

This weekend I downloaded and imported the latest “Database App Development VM” appliance, which at the time of writing contains Oracle + APEX 5.0.3 + ORDS 3.0.3


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