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Xplug – How to do minor tweaks to style (contrast enhancement)

The release of Xplug v1.2 was quite a success.  The possibility to add a “dark” style and customize it via a configuration dialog seems to be something many APEX developers appreciate.

But what if you just want to do a small modification like changing the background color of the properties group header? Until now that was hard -if not -impossible- to do, because the CSS that is injected by Xplug is focussing on a dark style.


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Welcome to my blog visitor!

A couple of years ago I registered the oratronik domain, planning on sharing my thoughts about Oracle databases.

As time went by, interests changed and although I’m still an Oracle database enthousiast, I’m now more focussing on development stuff and Oracle APEX to be more specific.

2015-06-20 21.21.46

Beside Oracle related stuff, I’m also planning doing a section on homebrew computing (Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Computer) and some software I have written.